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The Bunkleys are a full-time music and preaching ministry that has been singing Southern Gospel music for over 50 years! They have sung from coast to coast! They have sung on the same stage with over 40 of the best groups in Gospel music! The Kingsmen, the Hoppers, The Whisnants, The Browders, Gold City, The Perrys, The Down East Boys, and Jeff and Sheri Easter just to name a few. The Bunkleys operate from their home base of Trenton, SC. They minister wherever they are invited and come on a love-offering basis. Dr Rick, the manager of the group says "We love to sing at the big auditorium concerts but our heart is ministering in the local church!" It's in churches that we see the most change take place and that's what The Bunkleys are all about! We don't want people to come to one of our worship services and leave in the same condition that they came in! In the last couple of years we have had about 6 pastors come up to us after the service and tell us this service would be their last service. They were going to resign that day but God spoke to them during the worship service and they changed their mind! Changing lives!!!!! That's what we want to see happen in our worship services and thank God we are seeing it!!!!!

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