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Many people think that the Bible is difficult to understand; the
history, language, culture, narratives, and extensive details
can make it challenging. God’s intent is not for the Bible to be
complicated; His message is clear and organized so everyone
can read and understand. So how do you uncover those truths
and receive the message God has intended? The aim is to
understand the meaning and intent of the scripture.  Rightly
Divided for the Rest of Us is a concise guide that explains
Biblical truths and covers topics without being wordy; it is a
formulated guide to finding the key to understanding the Bible.
Throughout this book, you will find an overview of various
topics, Biblical truths, and scripture, showing how the Holy
Spirit can bring significant changes.  

This book includes:
• Topics about discipleship, understanding and hearing the
truth, understanding context
• An overview of terms (sin, faith, the Church, Gentiles, Jews,
Covenants, the Law) and teachings (Rapture, Tribulation, The
Gospel of the Kingdom, the Gospel of Grace)
• Interesting facts not covered in scripture (what constitutes
long hair for a man and short hair for women, how the ancient
Jews counted days, as well as other manners and customs)
• Jewish teachings not taught in the Bible but essential to its
understanding (Keddish Hesham [sanctification of His name]
and others)


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