The Bunkleys are a new Southern Gospel trio based out of Trenton, SC. They share a rich history of Gospel Music spanning over 40 years. Lorraine Walker, writer for SGN Scoops, wrote an article about the Bunkleys where she states, “You will find through listening to their music, that they have a unique sound and amazing vocals that will minister to your heart and remind you of your walk with God. “We sing because we all live in a discouraging world,” say the Bunkleys. “It’s not easy to be a Christian today. It’s a struggle. Our ministry is to encourage the body of Christ. To stand with you as we make war against the Prince and Power of this world.”


The Bunkleys have just released their first EP called “Just a Little Bit of Something”. It has three original songs and an accapella version of “I Surrender All”. A radio release of one of the songs is planned for the very near future and work has already begun on their first project called “New Beginnings”. It will be a combination of original songs and some old favorites. 


The group shares a rich history of Gospel Music. Rick and Peggy Bunkley started very young singing and traveling for the Lord. The two met at a little church in Gibsonia, FL just outside of Lakeland. Peggy was 14 and Rick was 17. They were married three years later in June of 1976. Three years after Rick and Peggy tied the knot, Dwayne was born. He learned to walk on the Eagle tour bus that they traveled in.

Rick Bunkley has been singing since he was 15 years old. He started out as a musician playing bass guitar. Singing came after writing some songs that the group liked, and then after some personnel changes, he started playing and singing. Rick and Peggy came off the road in 1992 for Rick to answer the call to preach. After spending 15 years preaching, God called them back in 2014 to what they do best; sing! He still preaches and does revivals. One of the accomplishments he has just received is a Doctorate in Theology. Congratulations Dr. Rick! 

Peggy started singing publicly when she was 12. She was a standout singing with her high school chorus group. Peggy has sung with the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra. She was offered a full music scholarship but turned it down to get married. Peggy’s singing can only be described accurately with one word; anointed! Music truly is a language and Peggy speaks it fluently. Peggy has the awesome ability to bring the listener into the song so that at the end they feel in their heart what she felt in hers as she sang it.

Dwayne was born into Southern Gospel Music! He really did learn to walk on our tour bus!  Dwayne’s musical journey started in school where he played the saxophone. Then he switched to what would be his first love…the drums! He started playing for the group at around 10 years old. He then started playing other instruments and before they knew it he was playing everything he put his hands on. He plays all of the instruments on their original song tracks. Not only is he an excellent musician; he sings as well. He was just voted Favorite Tenor of the Year by Calvary’s Way Gospel Music Promotions.  


Andrew Brunet of Southern Gospel Today on SOGR Radio recently shared, “Through listening to some of their songs, you will begin to feel the Holy Spirit minister to your soul and will remind you of your walk with Christ and where you will be headed for eternity. God has definitely blessed this group with anointed talent for everyone to enjoy!”